• M2S

    Front panel: zinc alloy
    Back panel: zinc alloy
    Handle: zinc alloy
    Lock latch: zinc alloy
    Lock deadbolt: zinc alloy
    Hole centre: 50/58mm
    Backset of inner lock: 45/50mm
    Working voltage: 6V DC, 4 pcs AA batteries
    Working current: less than 160mA
    Finish/Color: Satin Nickel
    Code capability: 50 groups, 4-12 digits code extent
    Alarm when battery is lower than 4. 6V DC
    Backlight keypad, operate in dark
    Battery life. up to 20000times, about 2 years
    Applicable door thickness: 35-55mm
    Hidden keyhole, more secure
    Super password function, more secure
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